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 Discover the Art of Storytelling and How It Can Rejuvenate Your Brand

It’s our unmatched ability to connect the dots between your brand and your chief goals that distinguishes us from the typical black frame eyewear creatives. The power of a plan, bright ideas, frequency and activity can give your business the appearance and voice you’ve always wanted. Everyone wants to be everywhere, all the time like Nike and Apple, but more times than not, just a few well executed channels can boost your brand and separate you from your competition. We’re big proponents of: activity creates opportunity, speed is a strategy and it’s bright ideas that make the difference. Change is typically challenging, but not this time, this is going to be fun.

 We’re going to bring your PR and social media channels to life by integrating interesting custom video, beautiful photography and colorful writing. We’re going to produce direct mail and brochures that make your competition look lame. Your website will transition from electronic billboard to a hub for all of your marketing activity. We’re strategic like NASA in the early 60’s and creative like Disney in the 20’s – lofty goals, we know.

 Let’s get started, this is going to be fun.

Brilliant Campaigns are Left and Right Brained  


Professionals rely on formulas to ensure success – PR and social media are not exceptions.
Discover, develop, deploy and measure is the formula we rely on to create effective campaigns.
Regardless of the medium or marketing channel, the implementation of a formula can offer great clarity to campaign.


Start with the end goal, develop a focused plan, identify your perfect customer: where do they live? what do they listen to and watch?


Be a storyteller and have some fun with your brand! Engage, educate and entertain!


Let the message fly on your website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and in your direct mail and media relations campaign


What’s working (do more of this) and what needs to be revised?

What Mix of Marketing Channels Will Give Your Brand

the Look and Feel You’ve Always Wanted?

Ideally, brands will be active in every marketing channel under the sun, but not all businesses are Nike.
Most businesses have to be more selective and strategic. Businesses with fewer than 20 employees account
for approximately 90% of all businesses in the U.S. That’s a lot of small businesses and a lot of relatively small marketing budgets.
Marketing success happens when we identify the cocktail of marketing channels that can directly impact your bottom line.
Profit happens when a well thought out campaign is executed to perfection.


Targeted publicity
Covers and features
Hemingway-like press releases
Einstein-esque fact sheets + press kits
Local, regional + national press
Strategic partnerships


Engage, Educate + Entertain
Multimedia social media
Professional storytelling/copywriting
Detailed planning
Beautiful video + photos


Fail to plan, plan to fail
Begin with the end in mind
Who is your perfect customer?
Weekly, quarterly and annual vision


Headlines that stop readers in their tracks
Why you do, not what you do
Copywriting for: websites, brochures, catalogs, direct mail, social media + more


Why even have a website?
Real prospects read, every word
Build a database and drive business


Blog management
On-camera interviews
Executive features