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Think Back to the Times You Asked Someone to Dance

and They Said Yes

“People Can Get a Cheeseburger Anywhere; They Come to Chotchkie’s for the Atmosphere and the Attitude” – Stan, Office Space

You should expect detailed 90-day and annual plans, thorough call recaps, colorful writing and a “beginning with the end in mind” approach. You should expect deadlines to be met; comprehensive reports and response should be timely. All standard. Hire the people with the greatest ability to create and execute brilliant ideas. A lot of people can do the work, only a few have vision, only a few can be great.

“We’re gonna go go go go go go and we’re not gonna stop til we get across that goal line.” – Rudy as Knute Rockne

Would more publicity help you? How about a website rich with content and a well-written email marketing campaign? Spellbinding direct mail? Annual and quarterly integrated multi-channel marketing plans? All of the above?

“This Is How We Do It” – Montell Jordan

Change is challenging, but it’s time to pull the trigger and rewrite your brand’s story. We will utilize one, a few or every available marketing channel available to retain, recoup and find new customers for your business.

By industry standards, our services are inexpensive; by industry standards we’re light-years ahead of the industry. We’re lean on overhead and filthy rich on knowledge.

Let’s get started!

Our Team

Elvis Anderson
Office Manager