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A Long Time Coming

A Long Time Coming


Happy New Year!


It has always my dream to own and operate my own business. I always I knew I could do it, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it…”


I’ve worked with some of the smartest and successful marketing minds around. And when I needed more cutting edge insight that I couldn’t get at the water cooler, I read books written by the smartest people to ever live. Michael Levine’s Guerilla PR helped me a lot, I was fortunate enough to read it and work for him at Levine Communications Office in Los Angeles fresh out of college. Andrew Wood’s Cunningly Clever Marketing was a good book; I worked for him too. I even learned from the bosses I didn’t like.


Now I have creative liberty and can go after the clients I want to work with… the types of clients I know I can help. I’ve been preparing for this career move for quite some time. I’ve read hundreds of books on sales, marketing, social media, PR, crisis management, strategy, client retention, public speaking, advertising, writing, planning, website development, email marketing and more.


There isn’t a business problem that a few hundred phone calls can’t solve.


A big thanks to all my mentors, couldn’t have done it without you, now watch out because I’m going to bury you. Kidding…


Elvis Anderson, owner, Elvis Anderson Multi-Channel

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  • Sheryl

    06.01.2015 at 07:12 Reply

    Thiinnkg like that is really amazing

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