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Whoopty-Damn-Doo, What Not To Do

Whoopty-Damn-Doo, What Not To Do

Screen shot 2015-03-12 at 9.36.40 AMBe a storyteller, show don’t tell, be interesting, engage, educate and entertain! I follow the social media activity of several Florida Keys and Caribbean resorts and there’s A LOT of boring stuff out there. These properties are situated on some of the most beautiful real estate in the world and this Facebook post is the best they could do?


I’ve withheld the name of the resort, but boring stuff like this happens all the time. It looks like we have a stock photo, some generic words and a smidgen of alliteration… whoopty-damn-doo.


Rethink the way you manage your company’s brand. Stop being the “social media person,” pretend you’re a reporter and write stories about the company you work for. Instead of the aforementioned stock photo and ho-hum words, how about a multi-day series of posts showcasing the family fun options? Each day post different activities, excursions and fun things families can do during their stay. Consider making a list of 101 fun things guests can do and post one every day. Use as many details as possible, be specific and entertaining, there are endless opportunities!


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It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in… you can still be interesting… be a storyteller! Here is another example, here are two signs found in two different health club locker rooms… both signs are communicating the same message… one gym decided to be interesting, the other didn’t.

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