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9 Mile Music Festival

The Annual 9 Mile Music Festival will celebrate its 23rd year in 2016, the festival is an all day event honoring the life and philosophy of the legendary reggae star, Bob Marley. Several top international and local musical acts are featured. People travel from around the United States, Canada and the Caribbean to attend this yearly event.


The 9 Mile Music Festival began as a labor of love, pioneered by Cedella Marley-Booker. It takes place every year in the warmth and sunshine of Miami, Florida. Over the years the festival has had other names including “The Caribbean Music Festival and the Marley Fest.” It finally evolved into what is the “9 Mile Music Festival” today, named for the village of Nine Mile, the birthplace and final resting place of the legendary Bob Marley. It exemplifies the foundation and heart of our family.  The 9 Mile Music Festival is responsible for collecting over two (2) million canned goods over its 22-year span.  In an effort to continuously give back to its community, four canned goods are required for entry along with a purchased admission.  The canned goods are collected and distributed to Miami shelters.


Miami, Florida


February 09, 2015


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