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Smilin’ Island

Nestled in the mountains of Jamaica is the village of Nine Mile, where Cedella Marley-Booker was born, raised and later gave birth to her son, Bob. Recipes created in her kitchen, for her family, are now available for all. Smilin’ Island products are created from Cedella’s cherished recipes. Look for the products in the coming months.


Project Details
Cedella Marley-Booker’s Smilin’ Island Caribbean Style Sauces & Seasonings is a project that has been in the works for quite some time. Known as “Mother Booker,” we started by reading a book written in her words to get to know her better. It’s important that her presence is felt in the language we use for this multi-channel campaign. Similar to the Smilin’ Island brand, we’re more interested in feeling than telling. Look for the website and social media channels to be rolling in May 2015, until then please Like the Facebook page.


Miami, Florida


April 01, 2015


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