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Nano Ninja Cycling Gear

About Nano Ninja

Launched in Spring 2012, Nano Ninja is an edgy line of original cycling apparel. The company creates unique designs: from clothing patterns, to art, to materials, to manufacturing. “NN” offers designs where less is more and works with original artists on aggressive, tattoo-like artwork. Only premium materials and construction techniques for optimal fit and performance are considered – Nano Ninja is for those who train for performance, ride for speed and enjoy some style to match their attitude.

Visit www.nanoninjacycling.com


Project Details

The company’s founder came to us and made it very clear that we understand the voice of the ninja. This was the voice that was to be heard in the company’s social media campaign. We channeled the voice of the Nano Ninja, we embraced the voice of the Nano Ninja – we became Nano Ninjas.


Dallas, Texas


September 01, 2014


Public Relations, Social Media