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Sweat GUTR

The patented GUTR Technology™ works by capturing and channeling dripping sweat away from your eyes and glasses, so you can focus on what matters. It will never saturate because it’s not made from fabric. Lightweight. Comfortable. Easy to clean. This is The Ultimate Sweatband.™

Visit www.sweatgutr.com


Project Details

When Sweat GUTR Founder, Erick Flatt came to us and asked to get his invention on the head of Matthew McConaughey… we said, “no problem.” Two weeks later we delivered a photo of McConaughey jogging in Santa Monica Mountains. Client goals are typically unique, but we’re in the business of making dreams come true. Since then, the Sweat GUTR has been covered by countless newspapers, magazines and websites – it’s a thriving brand in the adventure sports world and has even branched into the industrial and military sectors.


Dallas, Texas


September 01, 2014


Product Placement, Public Relations, Social Media