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The Woody Foundation

The Woody Foundation was founded in 2011 to raise money and increase awareness for those with paralysis. The Foundation’s namesake, James “Woody” Beckham suffered a spinal cord injury making a rugby tackle in January 2011 that rendered him a quadriplegic. Since then The Woody Foundation has raised more than $500,000 to help improve the lives of those with paralysis. The Foundation distributes “Woody Packs” at no cost to those with limited hand functioning, which has been a big help for those in need. The Woody Pack includes a cell phone holder, a special fork and spoon, an ID/credit card holder and other helpful tools.


The Woody Foundation hosts four major annual events: The Woody Golf Classic; Lionfish Bash; Woodystock Benefit Concert and Lobster Feast.


A board member and supporter for life, we’re active in all aspects of the Foundation. We help as needed and offer social media, public relations, copywriting, video production, event planning and fundraising support. The Woody Foundation is helping to improve the lives of those with paralysis around the world, we’re committed for the long haul. #TeamTWF



Miami, Florida


January 01, 2015


Branding, Copywriting, Fundraising, Public Relations, Social Media