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Tons of Fun Tours

Tons of Fun Tours and Rentals launched in 2013 as an alternative to the bus tours of Miami.  Their Miami City tours are comprehensive day and night tours of Miami and Miami Beach. They use the world’s only Giant open-air Jeeps made with stadium seating, captain’s chairs and dual air conditioning systems.  Every tour has both a licensed chauffeur and a professional tour guide, allowing for a very intimate, interactive tour.  The Jeeps accommodate up to eight people and can also be used as a really fun limo service.


Project Details

Tons of Fun Jeep Tours and its founder, Flynt Griffin are huge fans of the Miami Children’s Hospital. Tons of Fun participates in Miami Children’s Hospital’s annual Camp U.O.T.S. by donating Jeep tours for the kids. The event was included in the Coral Gables edition of the Community Newspapers, written by Elvis Anderson. The Tons of Fun Facebook page is the work of Elvis Anderson Multi-Chanel and features 12 video shorts shot and edited by our team.

Visit: www.tonsoffuntours.com


Miami, Florida


September 01, 2014


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