Elvis Anderson Multi-Channel | The Importance of Process, Order and Words
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The Importance of Process, Order and Words

The Importance of Process, Order and Words

plays510Movies start with a script, skyscrapers start with blueprint and touchdowns start with a playbook.


Then why do so many people start campaigns with a graphic designer? Campaigns require process, order and there is a proven formula that ensures the campaign is successful.


People love to look at photos, discuss graphics and talk about tags, but send the team a 10 page marketing plan or 20 pages of website copy and they’ll run for the hills.


Words are more important than anything else.


Discover: write the multi-channel plan, identify your perfect customer, analyze your core revenue channels and establish preliminary goals and ultimate end goal

Develop: write the copy and then create the graphics, once the words are right, the graphics will appear. Be a storyteller, not a marketing person – think back to the times you asked someone to dance and they said yes.

Deploy: distribute your message to your targeted audiences

Measure: review, report and revise based on your findings, do more of what’s working and scale back what isn’t


Before getting started on that cutting edge website or radical social media campaign… relax… create a plan… and carefully select the words.








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