Elvis Anderson Multi-Channel | Friday Feature: DJ Chuckie
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Friday Feature: DJ Chuckie

Friday Feature: DJ Chuckie

Dj Chuckie - Ruud Baan Vrijstaand 005After a Decade, New Vision and Projects for Dirty Dutch Music


This is the premier edition of the EAMC Friday Feature, we will feature people we respect. We will catch up with pros from several industries: musicians, lawyers, bankers, PR executives, hospitality professionals and we’re working hard to track down an astronaut. In our premier edition, we spoke with one of the most respected DJ-Producers in the world, DJ Chuckie.


Born, Clyde Sergio Narain, Chuckie is a label owner, DJ, producer and mentor for many in the dance music world. This is what he’s been up to lately.


After ten years in the game, DJ Chuckie says he’s going to another level. Chuckie has big name collaborations and releases coming soon in the New Year. Chuckie’s label, Dirty Dutch Music will produce and support new talents, styles and sounds he hasn’t before, give his new “traphall” tracks a listen.


The Suriname-born DJ-producer helped pioneer the Dutch house bleeps and horns sound that dominates main stages today. “I’m happy to have inspired so many DJs,” he said. From 2004 to 2007 he was bouncing around Holland playing 300 gigs a year. “I like to blend genres, I like hardstyle, reggae, drum and bass, techno, hip hop and house music. I spent a lot of time in record shops listening to Armin Van Helden and Kenny Dope imports coming to Holland from the States. I keep it fresh. Even with my own popular productions, I will remix the track or change the drop, I won’t play the same record the same way again and again.”


A lot of DJ-producers try to be versatile, Chuckie’s better than most. He makes music depending on his vibe and his environment. He was recently hanging out in Abu Dhabi and made a techno track, look for it in early 2015. He and Carnage were recently together; their co-production is also slated for early 2015. “Rock Da Scene” with DJ Vice feat. Sgt Slick and “Bang!” feat. Hyper Crush by Chuckie & Diamond Pistols are new Dirty Dutch Music releases available now. All of his new releases have one thing in common, their individuality.


When Chuckie catches a show, he’s a fan of Loco Dice’s techno sets, Martinez Brothers’ house sessions and DJ Rukkus’ and DJ Affect’s open format mixing. DJ Chuckie is and always will be a DJ first. “I miss hanging out at the record shop with the guys, it was a lot of fun. I don’t go through crates of records any more, but I’m still always searching for new sounds. As DJs, it’s about playing the right record at the right time. We are here to serve the dance floor. My sets are original and never predictable.”


Chuckie’s Metamorphosis Tour gets going in 2015, look for shows in your area. Artistry is alive and well, visit djchuckie.com and facebook.com/djchuckie for dates and locations.

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