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We’ve helped several types of businesses: Caribbean resorts, golf resorts, music festivals, adventure sports companies, software developers, a Jeep tour provider and others. We’re masters at connecting the dots between the brand and consumers. There was the Matthew McConaughey campaign, we named a dolphin the employee of the month, we launched a credit card and quickly eliminated 70% of the market and published a National Inquirer-like magazine for a resort owner that danced to the beat of his own drum.

Businesses have their unique intricacies – some marketing channels are more effective for certain businesses while some channels just aren’t a fit. There is a very specific reason why dollars allocated towards media relations for a resort in Fiji is a better investment than pushing that same dollar amount towards advertising. A large portion of the $750+ million that Macy’s spends annually goes towards entertainment, such as their July 4 fireworks show in New York. Few businesses can see a positive return from spending a few million on fireworks, but for Macy’s… it’s critical.

Everyone wants their brand to be everywhere, all-the-time like Nike, Apple and McDonald’s, but what your brand needs is to be is active in the channels that will yield the most results. Focus, storytelling and bright ideas – that’s what is needed.


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