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National Signing Day Edition: Direct Mail Changed My Life

MCCAs the business of college football has exploded, so has the importance of National Signing Day, the day where coveted high school football players announce where they will be going to college. As part of their coverage, ESPN sends cameras to high schools around the country to cover these announcements live. 18-year-old kids sit there with their mom, dad, principal and coach on live television and put on the hat of the college they will be attending.


In 1998 I made one of my dreams come true – I accepted a full golf scholarship to McCook College, a small school in McCook, Nebraska. ESPN wasn’t there and I signed my National Letter of Intent and Scholarship Agreement Form in my living room. I wasn’t heavily recruited, I was good, not great and my commitment to McCook College didn’t even make the local news. In fact, the way I earned a full scholarship was a complete 180 from the way it typically happens.


Early in my senior year of high school, my counselor showed me a large book of colleges. The book listed every junior college (JC) in America and the details of what each college offered. I asked if I could borrow the book, she said no, but told me there was one in the library. I thanked her for her time and bee-lined for that book. I created a list of every JC golf team, their mailing address and the golf coach’s name. I sent a letter that included a few endorsements from my high school coach to every JC golf coach in America. I received a few offers and accepted the first one. McCook Community College offered me a 100% scholarship with full academics, books, room and board and I was pumped. My mom and dad were proud, it was incredible and still is a very special memory.


I made my dreams come true with a direct mail campaign I created as a senior in high school. Every year when National Signing Day comes around… I’m reminded of the power of direct mail and the impact it had on my life.


I played two years at MCC, then transferred to Florida State and graduated in December 2003. I wouldn’t change a thing.


Elvis Anderson, owner
Elvis Anderson Multi-Channel



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