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The Masters and their Relentless Pursuit of Three Sponsors

masters-green-jacket-2012-640x360_2My dad taught me to play golf when I was six and I’ve enjoyed the game since. I was on a golf scholarship my first two years of college, I love the game. It was my dream to win the Masters, but it ain’t happening.


A friend recently asked me how it cost to be a member at Augusta National Golf Club where the Masters is played and he was shocked when I told him that it wasn’t that much. I don’t know the exact number, but I’ve heard that it’s less than $10,000 a year.


For spectators at the Masters, domestic beers are $4, imports are $5 and their famous pimento sandwich is $1.50. At all other pro sporting events, beers are $10+, it’s absurd.


I’ve worked on several events and festivals and the one thing everyone needs more of is SPONSORS. It doesn’t matter if the event is a small benefit concert, a charity golf tournament, a chili cook-off or a multi-day music festival with over 100,000 fans.


Why is it difficult to get sponsors?


It’s because getting sponsors means selling and selling is hard.


With ticket sales, merchandise, concessions, domestic and international TV rights and sponsors the Masters will generate about $115 million in revenue this year. Their sponsorship situation is my favorite part of their mix. THEY HAVE THREE SPONSORS! ONLY THREE and they are IBM, AT&T and Mercedes-Benz. These powerhouses spend $6 to $8 million each for four minutes of ads per hour.


If they wanted a thousand sponsors, they could have them, but they’re good with three. Business is good in Augusta, Georgia.



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