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Unexpected Inspiration, Thank You

spinningThis has been a rough week, the ups and downs of business will make the civil go insane, but inspiration can come at the most unexpected times. In addition to EA Multi-Channel, I also teach Studio Cycling (Spinning) at Equinox. I got into it while I was at Florida State; it was a good way to ride on rainy days in Tallahassee.


I’ve heard and seen some incredible things in 12 years of teaching. I once had a student that was taking five classes a week to look good on her wedding day. A few weeks before the big day I asked her if she was excited. Her reply was shocking, “I’ve lost 40 pounds! I look and feel better than I’ve felt in 10 years. I realized I was too good for him so I left that jerk!”


Congrats! I guess?


I taught this morning at 7 a.m. and the gentleman in the front row inspired me more than any student ever has. On occasion after the class there will be someone that is a bit slow to gather their things and exit because they have something they want to talk about. As the room emptied a gentlemen causally said to me, “I’ve got stage IV lung cancer, gotta get in shape!”


He worked incredibly hard and I’ll never forget the warmth of his attitude. It was a brief moment in passing, but it will stick with me forever.


Thank you for inspiring me, good luck and kick cancer’s ass.

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