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What Would You Say You Do Here?

office_space_talking_to_the_bobsFor people that work in advertising, public relations and social media, “what exactly do you do?” is a common question. Marketing pros come in several flavors and most of us have our own way of doing things… our proprietary “secret sauce.” #buzzwordbingo


Publicists spend a lot of time explaining the difference between PR and advertising. Sometimes publicists have to explain the difference between advertising and PR to their clients! Marinate on that… occasionally, paying clients don’t even fully grasp the service they’re investing in… incredible actually… let’s move on.   


I’ve worked with several clients in several industries: entertainment public relations in Los Angles; travel, music, festival, banking and technology public relations in Miami and auto advertising in Fort Lauderdale. No two ad agencies are the same, no two PR firms are the same – everyone does it their way. Sometimes a creative shop’s commitment to their process comes at the expense of the client – sad, but true.


This Is What We Do Here

Look at social media, advertising and PR campaigns as races and the goal is to get from the start to the finish line as quickly as possible. Every client I’ve ever had is unique with exclusive challenges. With that said, exclusive challenges require exclusive solutions. The first step for us is to gain a full understanding of your brand and goals in order to focus on the core activities that will most quickly and efficiently impact your brand.   


Core Skills: strategic planning, public relations, social media, copywriting and bright ideas


A Few Specific Examples

  • For our Caribbean PR travel clients we ensure they live on the printed pages and websites of the industry’s most influential media outlets: Travel + Leisure, ISLANDS, NY Daily News and zillions of others
  • For the festival we’re working on right now we’ve secured tons of press, event listings, coordinated numerous radio, TV and print interviews and organized several radio promotions in critical markets
  • For our golf course clients in Miami we’re shooting and editing video shorts to weave into their social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Social media should engage, educate and entertain – we shoot video every time we visit a client, we’re big proponents of quality multimedia content
  • For another travel client we wrote 10,000 words of compelling website copy with strong headlines, reader benefits and convincing calls-to-action
  • For a destination client, we recently hosted group of travel journalists and one of the best photographers in the world for a press trip and photo shoot


Our Process

  • Discover: Start with the end goal, develop a focused plan, identify your perfect customer: Where do they live? What do they listen to, read to and watch?
  • Develop: Be a storyteller and have some fun with your brand and the campaign! Engage, educate and entertain!
  • Deploy: Let the message fly on your website, social media channels, in your direct mail and public relations campaign!
  • Measure: What’s working (do more of this) and what needs to be revised?


Have a great week.


Elvis Anderson, owner
Elvis Anderson Multi-Channel


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