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You Can Learn A Lot From The Training Program Rocky Used To Knockout Ivan Drago

Rocky-2009666-rocky_iv_original_kHave you noticed all the businesses taking an old school approach?


CrossFit gyms are in every city and town across America and all around the world. Founded in 2000, there are more than 10,000 CrossFit gyms on the planet today. New exercise routines, classes, equipment and gimmicks are born daily, but it’s the CrossFit basic workout approach that’s all the rage. In Rocky IV, Rocky took on the 6-foot 5, 261-pound Soviet boxer, Ivan Drago. Rocky jumped rope in an old cabin in the mountains; he chopped wood, lifted boulders and ran through the snow. Drago prepared in the comfort of his state-of-the-art gym complete with futuristic machines, treadmills and monitoring devices. He had a team of scientists and doctors to monitor his training and administer steroids, but it was Rocky that prevailed. And in 2015 it’s CrossFit’s rugged, simplistic approach to fitness that is winning. Rent a warehouse, buy some big heavy rope and a big tire, get a chin-up bar, a few barbells and some weights and you’ve got a CrossFit gym… pretty simple, but really successful. It worked for Rocky, it can work for you.


Farm-to-table restaurants are the talk of the town… it’s the most basic concept imaginable, it’s how my ancestors ate. To promote the utilization of locally grown produce as if it were something incredible is refreshing yet concerning. I guess it’s an upgrade from farm-to-canoe-to-boat-to-barge-to-airplane-to-truck-to-table. Restaurant owners aren’t looking to the future – they’re cooking the same way my great grandmother did. They’re not reinventing the experience, but rather asking themselves how they can prepare meals like we did during the American Revolution – back to basics.


Fancy hair salons are adding old school barber services such as hot towel shaves and the use of straight razors. Several of the stylists where I get my haircut went back to school to get their barber licenses so they could offer services from the days of the Wild West.


“Back to basics” is a movement, it’s happening all around us. I see this too often… businesses want to do everything and end up not doing enough. Identify a few marketing channels that will help your brand the most and focus on those first. Don’t overload yourself with the merry-go-round of new social media channels – focus on utilizing a few channels, create a rock solid plan and be a great storyteller – back to basics.




Elvis Anderson, owner
Elvis Anderson Multi-Channel




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